Embassy of Ukraine in Japan

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Ukrainians in Japan

According to the report published by the Ministry of Justice of Japan on 6th of December 2018, as of June 2018, 1824 Ukrainian citizens received residence permit, 118 of them are staying in Japan for the study purpose.

In Japan there exists an informal community of Ukrainians abroad - "Krayany". The aim of this community lies in popularization of Ukraine in Japan and providing assistance in solving cultural problems to those Ukrainians who have mixed marriages and would like to give their children the elements of Ukrainian education. In addition, the mentioned community carries out on regular basis flash mobs, demonstrations, campaigns in support of Ukraine, as well as other commemoration events, etc.

In 2009 the Ukrainian school "Dzhereltse" was founded in Tokyo by the community "Krayany" which attends both preschool and school-age children. The classes are held twice per month and include such areas as reading, writing, math and art. The main goal of the school is to teach the children from Ukrainian and multinational families to speak Ukrainian, to familiarize them with children's folklore and Ukrainian culture so that they could preserve traditions of their people in the future. The facebook page of the Ukrainian community in Japan "Krayany" – https://www.facebook.com/ukrainians.japan.

In February of 2018, in Nagoya (Aichi Prefecture) “Japanese-Ukrainian Cultural Association” was registered in accordance with the current Japanese legislation. The goals of this organization are carrying out of cultural, scientific and educational events for the Japanese and Ukrainian citizens in both countries; offering support in problem resolution and satisfaction of interests of the citizens of both countries; providing assistance in strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between the Japanese and Ukrainian nations. The web-page of the Association – http://jp-ua.org

On the initiative of the community “Krayany" and “Japanese-Ukrainian Cultural Association” traditional “Vyshyvanka Mega Marches” were held in Tokyo and Nagoya (13th and 20th of May, 2018). The goal of these events was to promote popularization of Ukraine and familiarization of the Japanese citizens with Ukrainian culture, national apparel and songs.

With the participation of the representatives of Ukrainian community and Japanese partners, on the 27th of September, the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan participated in the international campaign “Light Up the Candle of Memory”, devoted to 85th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

On 18th of November, traditional memorial service of commemoration of the 1932-1933 Holodomor victims was held by St.Jude Mission of Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kyiv Patriarchate in Saint Alban’s Anglican-Episcopal Church in Tokyo with the participation of the diplomats of the Embassy of Ukraine to Japan and their families, representatives of Ukrainian community and Japanese friends.