Embassy of Ukraine in Japan

Kyiv 03:39

Ambassador Ihor Kharchenko made an exclusive appearance on the evening talk show live news program «PRIME NEWS» of Japanese TV station FUJI TV

16 May 2014, 02:53

"That act, which took place on 11 May in Lugansk and Donetsk regions - was a worthless farce , a show for the Russian media of predetermined" - the general message of Ihor Kharchenko

In addition to political observers , head of the Ukrainian Embassy interlocutors were leading expert on Japan's foreign and security policy, member of the "Tokyo Foundation" T.Watanabe professor and secretary-general of the Institute of Eurasian Studies, Professor of Economics Yu.Hasumi.


Answering to the questions during a two-hour lively conversation, the Ambassador emphasized the following:

  • The separatist's so called "Referendum" was not only illegal and illegitimate, but it was also an attempt to hide the real dispositions that the majority (70%) of the population in the South and Eeast of Ukraine support united and inseparable Ukraine.


  • The sad show was inspired, organized and sponsored by the Kremlin and was legally null and void and has no legal consequences for the territorial integrity and national-state structures of Ukraine.


  • It is known worldwide that Putin's administration, considering itself as a creator of history by using an army of media propaganda, special-service agents, resorted to regular manipulations with so-called " Referendum ", using intimidation and kidnapping, fraud and blatant disregard of any democratic procedures.


  • The terrorist gangs, trained and equipped by modern Russian standards, are standing behind of the " referendum" and provocations in the East of the country.


  • Self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic declared that 89% of the citizens voted for independent statehood. However, facts shows that, for example , the nearly half-million city of Mariupol could vote a maximum of 4.5 % of voters because they had only four polling stations, as opposed to 216 stations they usually have inside the city.


  • Ukrainian people did not recognize any terrorist "referendum" or on Donetsk , Luhansk , or at Crimea. That was the immediate reaction of the international community , in particular the Government of Japan.
  • Putin plays a very complecated and dangerous game, trying to step back from the separatists, he demanded the south-east of Ukraine to postpone the "referendum" in order to "create the necessary conditions for dialogue" with the government in Kiev.


  • Despite the gestures of "good faith", the contents and rhetoric of the actions of the Kremlin have nothing to do with the real search for a peaceful settlement in the crisis.


  • Ukraine welcomes and supports the important role of the OSCE in international efforts trying to de-escalate the situation. The "road map" proposed by organizations to regulate crisis in Ukraine was supported by the U.S., EU and , especially, by the Kiev authorities . We hope that Russia also supports it, not just in words, by real actions as well.


  • We look forward to beginning of the realizing the plan of energy ministers of the G7 conserning  "neutralization" of the threat of Russian President Putin using gas and oil supplies as a "weapon " against Ukraine and its Eastern neighbors.


  • The main priority for the country and for the future president is safety and peace-making in areas with heavy fights with separatists, as well as dialogue within the country, "the terms for which are disrupted by actions of Russian saboteurs". However dialogue with terrorists is impossible and unthinkable.


  • Moscow strives at all costs to keep Ukraine in its sphere of influence and seek to prevent the deepening of the European integration course. Though Kremlin has to realize that by these militant and aggressive actions it reaches the opposite result.


  • According to the Kremlin point of view, Ukraine has never been and can not be an independent country. Escalating tension in Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimea , the destabilization of the south-eastern part of the country is Putin's attempts to reach the ambitious goal of reincarnating geopolitical play of personal power.


  • Holding fair and transparent elections in Ukraine is a key priority for Ukrainian Government in the context of implementing the Geneva agreements of April 17th.




On this occasion, the Ambassador expressed gratitudes to the Japanese society for the solidarity that Ukraine is currently feel. It is very important for our nation. We see Japan as a partner and a friend who deeply understands the situation. Ukrainian side highly appreciates the consistent and constructive attitude of the Government of Japan , which, in cooperation with partners from G7, structures of NATO , the OSCE, the EU countries, supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, urging Russia to further destabilization of Ukraine, and providing appropriate sanctions as well.

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