Embassy of Ukraine in Japan

Kyiv 05:39

"Russia became an enemy, not only for Ukraine, but for all democratic rights and freedoms by losing its credibility in the eyes of the international society"

28 April 2014, 05:17

- the leitmotif of the interview of Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Ihor Kharchenko, given to the prestigious Japanese financial newspaper «Finance Facsimile News»

In the interview Ambassador openly answered questions of the chief editor H.Shimada on the following matters:

situation escalation in the Eastern and southern Ukraine and the country's diplomatic measures taken for stabilization;

political transformations taking place in the country;

Ukraine's foreign policy priorities;

expectations on President elections;

measures to overcome economic crisis in Ukraine and concerning financial assistance from international partners;

possible aims that Russia is trying to achieve through armed aggression against Ukraine.

In his answers, the Ambassador focused on the following:

-     aggravation of the situation in some cities of the east and south of Ukraine is inspirited externally and caused by subversive activities of Russian Federation. Groups, guided by the Russian special services are involved in provocations. Such provocation activities received another strict condemnation of the international community.


-     the Government of Ukraine does not allow the implementation of separatist scenarios in the eastern regions and is doing everything they can to stabilize the situation. The progression of these events is under control by the central and local authorities, as well as Ukrainian law enforcement authorities;

-     Ukraine, the U.S. and NATO are continuing observation of concentration of troops and military build-up of the border with Ukraine regions, which contradicts the statements made by Russia about the withdrawal of their troops;

-     Kremlin ruler’s Administration consistently provides advices and suggestions to Ukrainian government what to do in our country - but it is not Putin's business!

-     the idea of so-called "Federalization" of Ukraine imposed by Moscow is not welcomed by Ukrainians, as well as ideas of separatism and fascism are actively widening by agent provocateurs of the Russian special services are not acceptable;

-     Putin is afraid that the Ukrainian's example of overthrowing the dictatorial regime could also take place in Russia - the nation under his leadership became a dangerous and unscrupulous hawk, who started a campaign for the implementation of the paranoiac dream to restore the “Great Empire”. But we believe - he will suffer a crushing defeat by unprecedented resistance;

-     Russia caused problems for itself by its aggressive actions against Ukraine, such as international isolation, felt under the sanctions, lost credibility in the eyes of the world community;

-     Ukraine is counting on support from international partners, and Japan particularly, to preserve the sovereignty, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders and security of citizens to overcome the crisis in the country as soon as possible;

-     the main priority of Ukraine's foreign policy is the restoration of the territorial integrity and the preservation of national sovereignty. Besides, European integration was, is and will remain irreversible civilizational choice;

-     among the priorities of relations between Ukraine and EU in the near future is the signing of the "economic component" of the Association Agreement, in particular, creation of free-trade zone, cooperation in the area of freedom and security, bringing life level and national law system to European standards. To end the energy dependence on Russia, the main matter is to provide full-scale reverse gas supplies from Europe and the modernization of Ukraine's gas transportation system;

-     citizens of Ukraine and our foreign partners feel reliance on the political will of the new-elected President and new reformed Ukrainian Parliament to hold important legal and economic reforms, as well as the formation of new rules for business operation, new standards for work of executive authorities, improving the quality of life of every citizen through updated social policies;

-     President elections in Ukraine must complete without any Russian interference to the internal affairs of Ukraine, without artificial barriers on far-fetched pretexts. Ukrainian nation shall have a possibility to choose its own future freely, but not under the muzzles of the guns and tanks;

Specifically, the Ambassador expressed his gratitude to Japan, to all Japanese citizens for the support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine during the vote at the UN General Assembly on March 27, 2014, and thanked the Government of Japan for the support and effective initiatives including financial support for Ukraine.


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